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365 things to change in 2020 to make it a year of transformation

Every year starts the same, with high hopes, resolutions, goals and ends the same with very less or nothing to tick off from the list. We get excited at beginning of each year , you know why? Because future is always bright and we are always living with the hope and being optimistic that life will change or we will start living our dream life this year. So many of us fail. We are not dedicated enough to stick to our plans and then we complain that life is unfair. We all get a fair chance at life. Then why should only few make the most of it. This is a 365 degree 365 steps transformation guide for those who want to make the most of every moment and every opportunity coming their way. Remember this: only you have the power to change your life. No one but you can give yourself all that you ever wanted. Are you ready? A little can be achieved in a day but a lot can be accomplished in a year! Excited? Lets start:-

1 :- Wake up at 5am daily. Be a part of 5am club. Start before everyone else. No matter what

2:- Practice mindful eating. While eating focus only on food

3:- Practice mindful meetings. Enjoy your every meeting and focus on your insights and learnings from it

4:- Don't speak unless required

5:- Dedicate few hours in weekend to reading books and broadening your mind

6:- Write the 5 things you want most this year daily in a book or in your mobile

7:- Spend 1 hour or less in leisure activity because time is limited

8:- Immediately stop daily contact with anyone who gives you negative vibes

9:-Believe in yourself everyday and for this look into the mirror, read your day's goal and say -I will do this today

10:- Make a daily goals diary and write it before bedtime, it could be on your mobile or a notebook

11:- Make a smiling face at least 10 times a day

12:- Have something to laugh about everyday

13:- Stop scrolling social media and checking on others this year

14:-Give some time to speaking with family everyday

15:- Do not entertain any calls for more than 15 mins

16:- Avoid phone calls that drain you, prefer texting instead

17:- For this year- ignore calls and texts from your ex

18:- Change your sitting place or make some changes on your desk

19:- Practice gratitude, thank god for everything before sleep

20:- Workout everyday

21:- Meditate everyday

22:- Quit smoking or drinking completely this year

23:- Meet 3 new people every month

24:- Participate in at least 1 competition of your field/profession/hobby/passion every month

25:- Hang out with different people each weekend

26:- Spend more time networking

27:- Learn a new dance form

28:- Get pro at one form of exercise, make it your thing

29:- Be associated with one social cause

30:-Learn one new craft

31:-Practice active listening, learn to listen with full attention

32:-Get control over your emotions, be unaffected by others opinions

33:-Practice faith in karma, god, destiny or whatever suits you but it has to be one thing

34:-Reward yourself every week- if you keep up with your commitments for the week, reward yourself

35:-Give up your favorite time pass activity because you don't have time to waste this year

36:-Give more than 8 hours to your most important goal

37:-Use time as a scarce resource

38:-Get mindful about spending time and money

39:-Quit partying this year. Also say no to celebrations that do not match with your self reward day

40:-React different than usual in situations, surprise people

41:-Evaluate your thoughts and refrain from giving time to those that waste your time

42:-Eat nutritious food

43:-Challenge yourself every week/month and see if you are able to follow it

44:-Make it a point to enjoy the journey

45:-Focus more on learning than on finishing things

46:-Dont keep thinking, just do it

47:-Look less into mirror

48:-Dont give yourself any leverage once the goal is set

49:-Start enjoying your own company

50:- Aim to expand and broaden your horizons

51:-Keep your progress to yourself

52:-Keep your efforts a secret

53:-Think for few seconds before replying

54:-Think for few seconds before speaking

55:-Focus on making good memories everyday

56:-Get addicted to learning, reading and knowledge

57:-Practice being curious and ask yourself all possible questions while learning

58:-Do not entertain a single thought of self doubt

59:-Single minded attention to one task at a time

60:-Only do a task after figuring out best possible way to do it

61:-Always use your mind

62:-Practice abundance and attract it

63:-You deserve everything. So never question or limit yourself

64:-Never postpone anything that can be done now

65:-Live in the present

66:-Respect everyone

67:-Always do things at best of your capability no matter how much time it takes

68:-Practice patience, for this-stop expecting immediate results

69:-Don't start anything you will not continue doing

70:-Honor your commitments

71:-Always be on time

72:-Stay updated and relevant

73:-You matter, so conduct yourself with responsibility

74:-Work in continuity when doing a task, don't take long breaks

75:-Practice contentment

76:-Celebrate small joys and moments with loved ones

77:-Fall in love with yourself

78:-Fall in love with your life

79:-Be on the winning side always

80:-Keep your opinions and advice to yourself unless asked

81:-Always look ahead

82:-Never change your goals

83:-Be hard to please

84:-Play hard to get

85:-Evaluate your options carefully

86:-Always negotiate your terms

87:-Never be too eager to reply

88:-Never be eager to please

89:-Use words carefully

90:-Be consistent about what you believe in

91:-Believe in magic

92:-Always give your 100% to all your tasks

93:-Keep yourself above everyone else

94:-Never forget your lessons

95:-Never settle for anything less than you deserve

96:-Dont waste time

97:-Use your resources wisely

98:-Keep a track of your progress

99:-Change your circle of influence

100:-Change your circle of concern

101:-Stop looking for appreciation

102:-Promote yourself well

103:-Take more intiatives in professional life

104:-Behave as if you have already got what you wanted

105:-Attract goodness

106:-Encourage others when they say good things about you

107:-Discourage fault findings and criticisms

108:-Share your knowledge

109:-Have firm grounds

110:-Ask yourself why before doing anything

111:-Whatever you start, make it your thing

112:-Repeatedly keep doing things that make you feel good

113:-Have meetings with purpose

114:-Have discussions with purpose

115:-Change your circle if it makes you unhappy

116:-Eat in moderation and only when required

117:-Consider enjoyment and leisure as only a reward for hard work and day's goals met

118:-Be consistent in all you do and keep doing it regularly

119:-Consistency matters more than talent

120:-You will everything you want to be

121:-MAke conscious decision to be an achiever everyday

122:-Make a note of 5 good things that happened to you in the whole day

123:-Remember good things said to you

124:-Make a conscious decision to focus only on good and positive things said

125:-Make monthly progress chart, compare , make quarterly progress chart, compare

126:-Work for yourself

127:-Practise being self motivated

128:-Be proud of things that make you different

129:-Work on all your relationships from time to time and make sure you have healthy relationships

130:-Be present for others in their time of need

131:-Wish well for everyone

132:-Believe you are truly blessed ti get the life that you are living

133:-Be proud of your achievements and battles you have outgrown

134:-Constantly work to stretch your limits

135:-Increase your learning time consistently everyday

136:-Increase pace of your workout consistently everyday

137:-Increase your meditation focus consistently

138:-Work on getting better each day

139:-Attract good luck and positivity

140:-Thank all those who don't believe in you

141:-Look at your critics with love, they prevent you from becoming complacent

142:-Be thankful for every moment you were made to feel not good enough

143:-Be thankful for all the times an opportunity was denied to you

144:-Be thankful for not getting things easily

145:-Be thankful for having great parents

146:-Be thankful for having great siblings

147:-Be thankful for your friend circle and peers

148:-Be thankful for all those friends& relatives who have high expectations from you

149:-Encourage people to tell you what you lack so you can work on it and get better

150:-Accept praise and complements with grace and zero awkwardness 151:-You are working harder & have more things to look forward to because your peers did not get easily impressed, appreciate that

152:-Never give explanation for anything

153:-Write down goals into short term and long term goals

154:-Convert goals into plan of action

155:-Have timely- quarterly progress review

156:-Train yourself to have self focus

157:-Detach yourself from people and things

158:-Take time to make important decisions

159:-Read your resolutions everyday

160:-Read your monthly goals everyday

161:-Either do tasks with your full interest or don't do them

162:-Shift your focus from usual life to your own way of life

163:-Start enjoying your struggles

164:-Stop accepting people's definition on how life should be

165:-Refrain from having pointless discussions

166:-You are attracting all blessings to get closer to your goals

167:-Its ok to stop spending time with people whom you have outgrown

168:-Be more with people having similar goals to yours

169:-Be more with people who have similar

170:-Learn to say no

171:-Practice questioning everything

172:-Don't take anything at face value

173:-Read terms and conditions whenever you can

174:-Practice awareness

175:-Feel and live in every moment

176:-Drink sufficient water

177:-Know your favorite color, flavour

178:-Read articles of your idols on linkedin

179:-Always write down all your ideas no matter how small or big

180:-Tell yourself that you are capable of donning multiple hats

181:-If someone's opinion doesn't impress you, then it should not occupy place in your mind

182:-If you are born into this worls, you have a role

183:-Act with sense of responsibility

184:-Actions have consequences, act as per this philosphy

185:-Always have high self worth

186:-Be proud of yourself to have survived so far

187:-Do not link your self worth to a particular job or relationship

188:-Detach your self worth from having a sense of identity

189:-Focus on making impact with your words

190:-Be proud of being expressive or be more expressive

191:-Never be ashamed of your struggles

192:-Self worth also does not come with money

193:-Have something to laugh about everyday

194:-Keep doing whatever you are doing

195:-Unlearn everything to have a new perspective on things

196:-Start seeing yourself the way you want to be seen

197:-Be open to receiving good things

198:-Wear the color of the day as per your mood or vibe or activity

199:-Carry one thought of the day from your favorite leader in head whole day

200:-You are already everything you want to be practice believing that first

201:-Chart out a plan to clear your debts before time

202:-Learn about investments'

203:-Always calculate the worth well before buying or investing

204:-Involve loved ones in all important decisions

205:-Never say no to opportunities, you can say no to time wasting activities

206:-Forgive and let go of the past

207:-Practice making opportunity based decisions rather that emotion based

208:-Always remember why you started

209:-Never underestimate anyone

210:-Don't run any rat race. Be a part of your own journey

211:-Do more things that set you apart from others

212:-There is a reason why things happen- remember this

213:-There is a higher purpose to your existence

214:-Make impact to the society with your actions

215:-Money doe buy you lot of your dreams, respect money

216:-Never waste money to show anyone anything

217:-Use money to grow money, multiply it

218:-Use money to make a bigger contribution towards lives

219:-Look at what you have and be grateful for it

220:-Always be messenger of love and goodness

221:-Never see worth in titles, it is always the person behind the title

222:-Learn to read people, know them

223:-Accept and acknowledge the differences

224:-Value people who see you as you are and yet respect you

225:-Realise that its how you see yourself that affects you more

226:-Appreciate your own contributions in your family and relationships

227:-Learn to appreciate what you do for others and look at yourself with pride for that

228:-Build yourself for that opportunity you have been dreaming of

229:-Everything you start should be continued

230:-If you have taken your decisions, now take responsibility of making them right

231:-When you are looking at others life more, you have less focus on your own

232:- If you are only focused on yourself and things you wish for yourself, its a good start

233:-Never let others define parameters of a successful life for you, you know your own criteria, believe in that

234:-Work with those and be with those who have same ethics and values as you

235:-Associate yourself with those who inspire you

236:-Never expect people to be as transparent and good as you

237:-If you see qualities in others , it is an indication that you have some qualities in you, but if you are seeing shortcomings in others, pause and reflect on how you are thinking about yourself

238:-If others opinions somehow hurt you or give you bad vibes, don't get agitated, it is how they are thinking about themselves

239:-What a person thinks about self , will make others feel that way, remember this

240:-Its okay, you can't sometimes change a person's perspective towards life

241:-If you have power to influence, use it to influence good vibes, good thoughts and good words

242:-Sometimes unknown people understand you better than known ones

243:-Out of the 5 best people you must associate with, make yourself as the first best influence on you

244:-Express your opinion, even if you get one reactio. It is important to speak out

245:-Be very professional when it comes to giving your time

246:-Never compromise on quality

247:-Acknowledge and be proud of the work that you are doing

248:-Help others when you can

249:-Make your displeasure evident to things said that you did not like

250:-Respect yourself enough to walk away from situations or people that no longer help you grow

251:-Do not give anyone enough power to control your emotions and state of mind

252:-Your main focus should be on having a productive day

253:-Never celebrate before achievement

254:-Never leave a task incomplete

255:-Your favorite color can either be black or white it cant be both, so choose one

256:-You will have color of the year, priorities of the year, hobbies of the year- have a clear mindset on those

257:-You can become an expert only if you push your limits and this can happen only when you come out of self doubt

258:-Never predict actions or response of others

259:-Always have high standards on how you should be treated

260:-Have high expectations from self

261:-Never cry for what you lost

262:-Once healed, don't scratch your wounds

263:-Make your weaknesses your strengths

264:-Spend more time planning, but once your plan is ready, only execute

265:-Ask yourself why you are doing things

266:-Accept the fact that all are human and let go of the flaws

267:-If you don't have a goal, then ask your parents what to do

268:-Be an observer of your own life , watch situations unfold

269:-Focus on what makes you grow as a person

270:-Accept the fact that nothing is in your control

271:-Learning and enjoying is all you have to do, god has already planned the rest for you

272:-Never judge or make friends on basis of accompolishments, make them on basis of loyalty

273:-Family is above everything, but when it starts hurting, keep yourself above family

274:-You can go very far when you go as a unit

275:-Try to upgrade people with you, make them grow with you, but if you find resistance, walk away!

276:-Once you learn a lesson, make a different mistake not the same one

277:-No one can break you when you act in awareness of your surroundings

278:-Never try to fit in

279:-Simplicity iss never out of fashion

280:-Never give up on your good qualities because of someone's mean behavious

281:-Always see a bigger picture

282:-You don't need any medal to celebrate how far you have come or your interesting journey

283:-Time flies, memories remain, make sure to collect good ones

284:-Never be enemies with fools

285:-Take foolish people lightly , their thoughts and opinions are for your entertainment

286:-Never cut contacts, but never keep daily in touch with those whose words hurt you

287:-If you have things to look forward to each day, if you have dreams, you are already blessed

288:-You will be mature when you decide not to hurt back people, when you will not feel the need to prove anything to anyone

289:-Sometimes you just need to sit back and enjoy the conversation of others

290:-Keep eyes and ears open and let things surprise you

291:-Life surprises you in many ways, you just have to be excited enough to look forward to it

292:-Your parents are the best people you cna spend time with so stop conflict and speak more to them

293:-Value your parents more, grow up and learn to be there for them

294:-Stop being foolish to expect things from outside world, be mature, your parents have already done so much for you, sacrificed so much, make their sacrifice worth it

295:-Appreciate the ones who teach you, they have intention of giving back to society by sharing their learnings

296:-Every great person is a teacher in heart

297:-Respect those who give you wings to fly

298:-If you are planning retirement , you are never going to be an inspiration, you will never be an achiever

299:-Always research well when you research

300:-Be on front foot on causes and situations that matter to you

301:-Again transformation is for yourself, not to prove a point to anyone

302:-Be patient with results, but never compromise on efforts

303:-Don't do things because others are doing them, do them when you truly want to

304:-If you want something, get it

305:-There is no prince charming or a princess waiting to be rescued, only you are your own warrior and saviour. You only need to rescue yourself from being complacent

306:-You don't need to be great at something to begin it

307:-You are born with your personality traits, your conduct must highlight that

308:-Never ignore your gut feeling

309:-Take inspiration from people who believe more

310:-Always be a believer, you must believe that you can achieve

311:-When people limit you, its their own fears that they highlight, if you don't have those doubts and fears yourself, then don't accept them

312:- Be only around those who feed your soul, who make you feel happy

313:-Never judge yourself from eyes of someone else

314:-Never dwell on negative emotion with negative people

315:-You must let others fight their own battles

316:-Never wish bad for anyone

317:-Nothing has power to shake you, break you or make you except you yourself.Note this

318:-You can always choose which battles to fight

319:-Attract goodness like a magnet, you deserve to be made to feel good about yourself

320:-You deserve encouragement, support, to be believed in, you deserve it all

321:-You are worthy of all attention coming your way, you are worthy of all envy, you are worthy of being with anyone you want to

322:-Once you see your own worth it gets difficult to be around those who don't

323:-Your mind has solution to all the problems

324:-If you have managed to get up every time you fall, nothing in the world can break you

325:-Always seek to uplift and to be uplifted

326:-There is nothing that is permanent, there are only phases

327:-How happily you pass through each phase matters

328:-When life gives you lemons, make chocolate cake and leave bitches wondering how you did it

329:-Let no one decide for you

330:-After levelling up, don't stoop down

331:-Winning is important only when you run a race with people, otherwise doing everything with passion and making a decision to be happy everyday is sufficient

332:-When you decide to be finally happy everyday, all the drama suddenly disappears

333:-When you choose yourself above everyone, all barriers disappear

334:-When you work for yourself whether self employed or in employment, all stress disappears

335:-When you divert your attention to learning , all self doubts disappear

336:-Best revenge is massive success but a better life is not to seek revenge at all

337:-Right attitude attracts right people

338:-Once you make a choice to be out of one sided relationships or friendships, you start seeing efforts from other side

339:-You are lucky if you are not forced to live with the people whom you have outgrown

340:-You are lucky if you get a second chance to make your life the way you want at everything

341:-Never run away from uncertainty, if you have reached that place, that means you are supposed to find out what lies beyond it

342:-Look challenges in the eye

343:-The color that attracts you the most this year are the qualities of that color you need to master that year

344:-When people show you who they are for the first time, believe them. That's what you are going to get from them

345:-Let your thoughts be organic, don't feed them

346:-Sometimes you have to let life decide what is best for you

347:-God will make good everything, he will give you what was taken away, he will give you better, just give him the chance and you don't try

348:-Treat people the way they treat you. Why? because they deserve to know where they are going wrong

349:-Never let anyone walk all over you

350:-The only way to get back is to get far ahead of those who wronged you

351:-You already have the power to change your circumstances and the ability to rise much above them

352:-When you are not accepting your current situation, that itself means that you are supposed to rise much above it

353:-Fall in love with life and get addicted to happiness

354:-If you have been made to feel bad about not having something by a lot of people, there will be a time when you will be praised for having those very things

355:-Others will always judge you on those parameters they themselves lack

356:-There is everything in your life you can change.Every situation, circumstance, opinion about you. You have all the will power to do it

357:-Channelise all your energy to focus on making the most of this life

358:-If you have made someone smile in a day, you have done a great job

359:-When people don't want you to do better than them, then why to even tell them when you have

360:-When you become who you want to be, it will be there for everyone to see.You don't have to make any effort to show it

361:-Avoiding people is never a solution, when they reach out to you, deal with them effectively

362:-Never share your insecurities with anyone

363:-It is easy to notice insecurities of people they hide them by making extra efforts

364:-A secure person is a misfit where everyone is insecure. In such a case, feed their insecurities, there is no other option

365:-Sometimes your growth graph does not allow you to stay at one place for long. If ability to deal with people is your only weakness, you are strongest, most secure person in the room. Accept this and start seeing people for who they are

These 365 points will completely change your mindset and reprogram you to get what you want in your life. If you feel life has been unfair to you, opportunities being denied to you, then don't lose heart. Believe in yourself and keep working towards self growth. There will be many standing in your way trying to demotivate you and discourage you, make you feel small or incompetent but all you have to do to rise above them is to keep working and keep believing in yourself. You will grow and soon be successful at dealing with people and situations if you learn ho to read people and their insecurities. You need to use their insecurities against them sometimes so that they don't come after you. Sometimes being too good or too positive is viewed as being soft or weak. To change that, start listening with your mind open. You have to win over the circumstances to change them. A lot more techniques of dealing with people and reading them will be mentioned in my next articles, subscribe to get updates. Stay blessed, stay motivated and never lose heart. You have to bring your time; for that being patient and preparing is important. When your goal is to learn, no one can stand in your way.

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