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5 Good things that happened to you today?

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Make happiness a priority. More than money, more than relationships, more than experiences. If you are happy, you can give your 100% to everything. Everything else comes secondary. Whatever you focus on grows. So why not focus on what you have ? what makes you happy? This is also a perfect antidote for feeling of boredom, inadequacy and dissatisfaction.

More than law of attraction, gratefulness creates ripple effect of blessings in your life. Be grateful for today. Memories are beautiful. Maintain a daily note in your phone calendar. Keep a record of good things. Practice it.

Benefits of this exercise :

1. Uplifted mood

2. Good sleep

3. Excitement to look forward to new day

4. Improved personal relations

5. Improved focus on right things

This is the best happiness tip. Practice it for a month. Do let me know in comments about the positive changes in your life. Be happy. Be a winner.

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