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How to define what is sexual harassment at workplace

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Many female employees are confused about this. They go through a lot mainly because of the confusion about what should be their tolerance level? are they over reacting? Its time to immediately stop having any tolerance or patience level to nonsense. Its time you immediately show red flag and give stern reply to a person who is violating you. To do this it is important to know how perverts think.

Firstly sexual harassers and offenders have belief that most women are scared to speak up. Many just walk away without taking a stand and putting across their point. They blame their fate for wrong things that happened to them and most quietly move away. By doing this they increase the confidence level of their offenders and those offenders move on to harass more others.

Its high time you take a stand speak up on their face and show them their place fearlessly. Don't worry when one door shuts thousand better ones open for you. Say no to bullshit. Say no to DISRESPECT. Self respect permeates every aspect of your life. In many cases men underestimate their level of disrespect thinking that its normal. Many such harassers try to test your tolerance level by slowly speaking nonsense and increasing their level of misbehavior in proportion to their nonsense. Following are the various ways to put a stop to the nonsense you cannot tolerate:

1. Keep proof and make a report date-wise

2. Give a stern reaction upfront

3. Don't wait for the right moment to speak up for your self respect

4. Immediately report to hr with exact details

5. Seek other women seniors and their support

6. Immediately speak about it to some one in your family

7. Even if you have zero support in this, speak up before you walk away

Never take a back-step on speaking up. Always live with confidence and courage. Stay blessed. Stay courageous. Stay strong. God bless you.


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