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How to not get overwhelmed by bigger challenges

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Dream big is something we hear a lot from everyone around us. We are supposed to set higher goals, take on bigger challenges for our growth and progress. So we set goals for ourselves so high thatit seems impossible to reach them. We get bogged down and stop working on those goals instead.

90% of people change their goals due to fear of failure and most don't even try their best. Giving up is always an option due to lot of avenues and opportunities presented to us. We know we will survive. But we forget that moment we keep too many options open, we lose our single minded focus to pursue one goal. People who end up being successful at achieving their goals are the ones who don't give up. There are ways to control being overwhelmed and anxious about your goals. You can change your methods constantly but changing your goals too often leads you nowhere and you start blaming circumstances for your failure. So what if you have not yet achieved anything in life? Follow these steps below and walk your way towards achieving success in all goals you set.

1. Be consistent- Everyday efforts count. Even if you see the examinations, you only get one hour, but in that one hour you will give output as per your preparation of entire year. So always be consistent and have daily commitments towards your goal.

2. Start fresh everyday- Everyday is a new day. Instead of over- judging your poor performance in the previous day, focus on what you can do with today. Today is a new day and you might be able to compensate for previous day.

3. Break goal in parts- Planning is often underestimated. Plan your daily activities ; break down your daily performance into targets and numbers. Numbers often motivate you and getting things done gives you a sense of achievement. It also gives you more confidence towards pursuing your goal.

4. Keep your commitments- Unless you are able to honor the commitments you make to yourself, you will never be able to honor the commitments you give to others. Be focused.

5. Think like a winner- Winners take winning seriously. They take themselves seriously. They are sincere in everything they do for themselves. If you are fooling around with yourself and postponing things that you should be doing for yourself on priority, you are only further digging your grave towards failure. If you don't work towards your own goals, you will have to work towards someone else's goals all your life and your life will be defined by sacrifices and compromises.

6. Stop thinking, start doing- Thinkers keep thinking and great ideas keep coming to them but they do nothing about it. So its time to stop thinking and start doing things for sake of your own self. Take that first step, first action, then the second and keep working a little more towards your goals everyday. Nothing gives more satisfaction at the end of the day than a job well done.

7. Keep your blinkers on- Sometimes, you need to ignore whats happening with people around you. Keep away from social media. Keep distance from friends as well if required. Keep your eye only on your own progress. Or if you can distance yourself from getting influenced by what others are doing, then that will be the best. Be confident enough about the goals and life you choose for yourself only then you will be able to reach your goals each time and live a satisfied life.

8. Have faith in yourself- Never doubt your own potential. If you seek for approval of your potential in eyes of others, you will start feeling inferior. Always have faith in yourself. Seek approval within. You are by all means capable of living life of your dreams. Your current situation is not your final destination.

Of all the fights you have in life, your biggest fight is with yourself. A fight with temptation to give up, a fight with procrastination. If you closely observe, you will realize that its human tendency to often postpone what is best for them. Many failures are people who are afraid of success. Well aware that success changes people, many of us are very much resistant to change and hence remain where we are because we have fear of unknown. We know what we want but we are afraid to get it, Fear of success is more dangerous than fear of failure. People who have fear of failure at-least give their best shot towards things. But people who are afraid of success sometimes don't even try. They have never won, they don't know if they can win and what will happen if they do win!

If you are one of those who have fear of success, I know you have got comfortable perhaps too comfortable with failure, self pity and the feeling that life is unfair. I know you are internally fighting everyday against these feelings of inferiority and self criticism and fault finding. I know it is extremely difficult for you to believe in yourself as you have never seen yourself as a winner and that the world you have built around you is going to shake up when you win. But even you know that staying down is not an option. You are aware that if you choose to stay down, the world and life will push you further down and its not comfortable either. It is a choice to either 'go through ' whatever happens with you or ' grow through' with it.

Many failures and unsuccessful people take comfort in their failure stories and talking about their struggles. But if you talk about your struggles when you are still struggling, they only grow more. Whatever you focus on keeps growing. So better focus on growth, progress and learning new things everyday because these things never go out of fashion.

Remember, if you become a success after going through a lot of struggles, you become an inspiration and path setter. Get inspired and be inspiring. Stay focused , stay blessed.

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