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How to practice Patience

Of all the great virtues in the world , patience is the most important one. Yet its the most difficult one to master. Do you know great leaders like Bill Gates and Elon Musk practice awkward silence. It is to wait before replying to the question. Think and pause before reacting. Can you imagine you can avoid so many unnecessary arguments in your life only when you practice to pause?! Yes! so effective. Yet we cant wait to talk back and reply! Waiting requires patience. Even email etiquettes suggest you to wait for a week for a reply. Pausing makes you think and reflect over your actions and decisions. So how do you learn patience ? Here are few steps that might help:

  1. Learn to sketch or paint - creating art requires patience

  2. Practice delayed gratitude- complete the tasks first before you can reward yourself with any pleasurable activity later

  3. Learn yoga - master the asanas, it takes time to do asanas like pro

  4. Meditate- meditation is the best practice of patience, regular meditation helps to just be calm and composed

  5. Contain your excitement - learn to enjoy the process more and stop thinking about the conclusion

  6. Relax and take deep breaths- whenever you get impatient try this

  7. Reach before time- reach everywhere 20 mins before time this way you will learn to wait

  8. Write down tasks and only do one thing at a time-don't jump to another task unless you have done the first one

  9. Teach technology to your parents without getting annoyed- this is best test of patience!

  10. Read books- start reading a book, and at a fixed reading time like one hour, this way you will have to wait till you finish reading the entire book

Once you learn patience , you will make better decisions, learn to have proper discussions and debates without arguments in your relationships, what more! you will be able to tick your to do list without any panic or stress and have a sorted day. While learning patience one must understand that first rule of patience is eliminating the unnecessary and unimportant activities and time wasters. Find your power!

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