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How to spot a jealous friend?

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

We are average of 5 people we hang out with. So certainly we also want those people around us to uplift us and motivate us to do better. One bad friend is like one rotten apple that can rot a lot of things in your life. Its so important to carefully choose whom we hang out with. Below are the warning signs of a jealous friend and energy drainer you need to stay away from:

1. Always discourages all your initiatives and plans

2. Never appreciates you

3. Is the first person to highlight your drawbacks and failures in front of others

4. Does not look happy when you look happy as they get energy from seeing you unhappy. basically a sadist.

5. Compares you with all failure stories around them

6. Always criticizes your choice of clothes, movies, food etc

7. Speaks ill behind your back

8. Is never supportive and always ready to attack your viewpoint

9. Will not easily clap for your success or appreciate you as they want to feel they are always superior to you.

10. After meeting with such a person you feel drained, sad ,low on energy and like a loser.

Always remember whoever tries to bring you down, envies you or is already below you. Regular contact with a toxic person can ruin your chances of a better life, the more you are away from them the better.Some people have tendencies to focus on problems and road blockers in their life and thus they restrict themselves and others around them. Always be assertive and don't get bullied by over controlling jealous toxic people. Because if you give such people power over you, they will suck your energy , feel good when you are drained.

Stay blessed. Stay smart. Sometimes inner strength and knowledge is lot more important to fight and win in life.

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