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Importance of dreams

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

We stop living when we stop dreaming. Dreams are our life. We feel anger and resentment when we settle for something that is much less than what we had been dreaming of. Dreams are sacred, dreams are real. As we age, as we keep growing , our dreams keep growing with us. They are influenced by people around us and our peers. But there are very few special times when we see dreams that are influenced by our hobbies, our passions , what we follow and read. Those are sacred ones. When you want to know the quality of life and career you are aiming at, ask your heart, it already knows.

Do you see yourself in corporate, meetings? Do you see yourself as the one holding those meetings and taking major decisions? Or do you see yourself in an open environment , working independently? do you see yourself travelling and working at the same time? or do you see yourself travel only for leisure? Do you find yourself comfortable in an informal settings or formal settings? Do you see yourself creating art or crunching numbers? Do you want to work in collaboration with others or do you see yourself get paid for your skills and time individually?

Dream about all this. As yourself hard questions. The more deeper questions you ask yourself, the more closer you will get to your destiny. with limited time and resources but unlimited potential that we have, what is the best way we can make a mark and earn our place in the world? What kind of people influence you? What kind of people repel you? All this holds a key to knowing your inner self. Yes, 5-6 years of struggle to know self is allowed but after that you need to establish yourself. By the time you reach your 30s , you must have figured out at least yourself and your innermost desires , dreams and priorities. Why? because it is this time you make crucial decisions and changes to your life. In these 10 years, you either set up your life the way you want or you adjust to what life throws at you.

To make it easier for you, let me set up a questionnaire for you which will help you make your each and every decision. Because if your decisions are driven with purpose , they are more meaningful. Check below and make your own notes in a diary:

1.Your dream life partner

2.Your dream career

3.Your daily stress buster hobby

4.Your daily fitness regime

5.Your favorite drink

6.Your comfort food

7.Your favorite pet

8.Your favorite holiday destination

9.Your favorite conversation topic

10.Your personality traits

11.You are a morning person or a night owl

12.Your ideal weekend plan

Write it down. You can share with me as well via email. If you are confused and need help figuring yourself out, as a personal coach I can guide you, please write to me. Every transformation begins from within and hence it is important to work on yourself.

Wishing you all the best. May you be the best.

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