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Career Choices

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

We are a generation spoiled for choices. With access to a lot of information on internet, we are having multiple interests and opportunities and we are eager and curious to explore them all. Unlike the baby boomer generation, who stuck themselves at one job for their life thus causing their job to become their identity, millennial generation are having a more bold approach. They are unafraid to make job changes, switch job profiles, career paths or even venture into entrepreneurship. But with a plethora of options available on. our plate, how do we edge out a path for ourselves without getting confused? We can have many things but not all things at once. How do we prioritize our options then?

Money might be the motivating factor for almost everyone. But if you want to build a happy and satisfying career in long run other factors matter lot more. You will surely end up making lot more money if your work excites you and you will stay of you are happy with learning the skills and making your contribution. Also you need to really visualize your own personality to understand where you can be a better fit. Below are few personality pointers you can think on while deciding on choosing a career path, these pointers are for fresh graduates who have already chosen their science commerce or arts field:

1. Generalist or specialist- Whether you want to be jack of all trades or master of one? Observe your school and college report card. Did you fair averagely well in all subjects or were you scoring particularly well in specific subjects of your interest? This should give you a clear indication of what you are currently. When you realize this, are you happy with your findings? If yes , you can conclude and note down what you are or else you can note down the opposite option because you want to be the other kind. You know you can be whatever you want as long as you work towards it.

2. A cubicle or a random place- What kind of work environment would you prefer? Imagine yourself working. Do you see yourself working in a pyjama ? jeans ? office cubicle? What makes you the happiest ? Write down that option. Narrow down your choices as per that. Your work environment matters a lot in the long run. So be honest to yourself with this one. Don't worry you can make money in all ways of working but choosing the right option for you is most important. Yes, you can choose to work in a cubicle reporting to someone for a while to learn skills before you are ready to move out and be independent either freelancing and taking up work that excites you or starting your own venture. Even in case of workplace, you can choose whether you would be more focused in a traditional office space or a modern one. In the end productivity matters.

3. Owner or employee- Do not check your background or resources to make this choice. There is a sure shot test which will give you clear indication on this. Observe yourself. Do you crave for recognition or appreciation from others? Do you seek approval? If your answer is yes, you can be the best employee and win promotions and awards. People who have inclination to be successful at their own venture, do not seek approval or recognition from others. They like doing things in their own way, be it a project or assignment , they will be the ones giving lot of ideas.

4. Your role model- Whom do you look up to and why? Write down those personality traits. If you are looking up to that person then certainly you want to have those traits in yourself. Note them. Career and personality are closely connected. A celebrity, a politician, a businessperson, a scientist, a painter all have different characteristics. Whoever is your influence is a clear indication to your future career option. Note down their personality traits.

5. Different directions- Make a list of career options that excite you. The list should have not more than 5 names. These 5 should be the top 5 on your mind. List could have options very different from each other like- writer, businessman, trainer, actor and engineer. Check whether your career options fit in the four criteria of points above. This will narrow your choice further. Now google search top 5 skills required for the career options. This will further narrow your choice and finally weigh down the remaining options on basis of practical possibility. Finally you can be all 5 career person , you just need to check in what way your career choices complement each other.

So fresh graduates can use this 5 point technique to make their clear choices. You are making a fresh start at your career and your first job will teach you a lot. Making a well thought decision in right direction in alignment of your personality and preferences will guide you towards making the right career choice for you.

Eventually everyone reaches their goals, but how you make your first move always matters! Wish you all the best!!!

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