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List of things to do before you turn 35

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Life is too short to live with regrets. True freedom is being able to live life on own terms. At the end of our life only happiness, memories and how well we have lived our life matters. Nothing else. Vulnerability is an admirable quality because it takes immense strength to open yourself up to the world. So I want to share some of my goals which I hope to achieve in the next 5 years.

Here is my bucket list of things to do before I turn 35:

1. Quit that job! if a job is making you unhappy, no matter what, quit it. Your happiness matters more in long run. This is something I have already done, Ooops!!!

2. Do the adventure- make a list of adventure sports you want to do, do them before 35

3. Have a fitness and meditation routine- healthy body and mind is essential for a happy life

4. Speak up- Take up one public speaking session of any topic you are passionate about

5. Start your own venture- Stop thinking, start doing.

6. Learn a new language- Shape of our brain changes each time we learn something new. Keep learning.

7. Write regularly- I have discovered that writing is like a therapy for me. I feel good each time I write, each time I express my opinion and share my learning.

8. Switch to a healthier diet- As we age, we must get more mindful of our eating habits so that we remain energetic and youthful. Working on this one!

9. Learn to let go- Sometimes people outgrow each other. We meet , we learn enough from each other and then we need to let go before the relationship or friendship turns toxic. Moving forward is important to start new chapters of life. There is no point to keep re reading the last chapters. That time is gone and you have outgrown them. Some people look good in memories than in your life.

10. List down your priorities- Make a list of things that deserve most of your attention. Prioritize those things that make you happy and fulfilled. Do not change your priorities for anyone else. Stay focused and committed to your goals, hobbies and priorities.

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