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Perception v/s Reality

We all want to be seen as winners no matter what. We hide our sorrows, shortcomings, mistakes from others because we fear that we will be seen in a negative light if we are to expose them. Rightly so because people judge us and we judge people. Perception matters. How you are seen matters. Because how you are seen becomes a part of you. It becomes a way you relate to yourself and others relate to you. What you practice is what you become. If you practice being seen as a winner, winning will matter. If you are comfortable with being where you are, people judge you anyway and you need to either up your game or be prepared to be ignored. This is the harsh reality of life. We try to hide the truth, brush it under carpet and live in denial of the reality that is staring at us. We try to turn a blind eye to our mistakes and prefer to live in the delusion that everything is going fine. But this very attitude suddenly makes everything seem fine. Things start getting better.

Reality is always harsh. If we are just being real , we are being pessimistic. When you are being real, you are bringing forward painful issues and discussions that might cause conflict of interest. You are now giving your time and attention to things which might or might not get better. You are not having dreams and hopes as reality boges you down. It makes you pessimistic and you give up easily. We all know to make unrealistic dreams come true we all need to have unrealistic expectations of ourselves and unrealistic belief that our dream is real.

So work on your perception of yourself. Reality will follow. The greatest achievers take us by surprise as they end up achieving what we always thought was impossible. They shut out all the opinions around them and focus on doing what they have already visualised for themselves. I guess this is what is the best formula for success.

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