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The beauty of work from home

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Since decades we have been debating about work -life balance. We crave to finish work on time so that we can rush back to home to our loved ones to spend some quality time. Even with advent of technology, we were still debating whether working from home would be as productive and effective. Ever since this corona virus pandemic, work from home has finally become a parallel reality. Now that we are forced to find a way to function from home, let me draw an insight on my own experience of work from home and why I really enjoy it.

1. Ability to choose our own time slots and work: We all know the time of the day we are most productive and it is different for each one of us. Some of us enjoy checking our mails while gulping morning coffee and immediately get to work while few others will like to enjoy their ’me time‘ in morning and start the real work in noon, also there are some of us who would rather work at night as their concentration is at peak due to absolute silence around. Also we can choose which task to prioritise first thus making us more independent. I personally love this and have always done this. It makes me feel more empowered at work.

2. Being around your loved ones while working keeps you more happy: We might never bond that well with our coworkers and colleagues due to competitive spirit at workplace the way we bond with our own family. There is so much love and understanding and space. What more? You can even enjoy your breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner at home with family and thus end up eating only healthy food. These are some of the great perks of working from home. Also I believe our productivity is much better when we are in a happy state of mind. Because we are not cautions or scared or bothered about what others around us are doing.

3. Comfortable clothes: Well this is like bliss ! Need I say more ?? Your pyjamas and shorts are the most comfortabe thing you can wear and you also don’t have to worry about dressing up, matching clothes , wearing make up or making your hair. You just need to be descent while on skype or attending calls otherwise you are good to go. Your only focus is work and nothing else. You can sit comfortably and be yourself.

4. Less scope of office politics: So many of us complaint about politics happening at workplace, favourites getting more benefits irrespective of their work quality etc. Well, when you work from home , you only get paid for the quality of your work and professionalism. Its only your work that does the talking for you. Can life be any more fair than this?? Plus even you will be constantly only interested to up your skills and do better work and you will not need to think about impressing your boss with words or you don’t have to worry about those colleagues who will play games and create problems for you. Because they will have no idea about what you are doing. Only your boss will know.

5. No late sitting or waste of time: Your travel time is saved. As soon as you finish your day’s work, you are free to use your time in other productive things / learning new things/ working out or any other hobby. The unnecessary meetings, waiting for the boss to be free and just wasting your time meanwhile, the water cooler useless gossips, etc will be eliminated. You will no more have to bother about how you come across, rather you will only be interested about how skilled you are getting.

6. Your own break time: You can choose mostly your own break time and off time during the day and dedicate that time to yourself, your kids, your parents or your spouse. You will thus never be stressed and your health will be in line. Because you are able to make time for most things that really matter. You will be there and not miss out on things. Cool isn’t it?

Such is the beauty of wok from home. Specially for the creative people who need their space to function in. You are yourself, less stressed about the world, dedicating your time to only those who really matter, having a mUah more relaxed work atmosphere where there is no unnecessary pulling down, dirty politics, but only genuinely working people towards achieving their common goals. 80% of jobs today can be shifted to work from home. I wonder why this is not getting implemented. Also the land spaces we have used up to build huge corporate offices can now be used effectively to build forests for wildlife, also for agriculture to grow more organic fruits and vegetables, thus take some initiative for repairing he damage that we have already caused to Mother Earth. What’s your take on this? Would you not prefer this?

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