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Why do we need to find our life's purpose?

Life is not a straight line because even in an ECG if it shows a straight line, it means we are dead. Bhagvat Gita also tells us that we must live fully with purity, strength, discipline, honestly, kindness and integrity in order to find purpose of our life. Purpose makes our life meaningful. It is that thing that wants us to wake up in the morning with full energy and enthusiasm. Even Steve Jobs encourages in his interview that one must keep looking till they have found their life's purpose. Purpose is the bigger picture that we work towards, a bigger goal that makes us feel satisfied about the activities we did in the entire day. We all know we are the happiest when we serve others. So in that case our dharma is to serve others in a way that makes us feel happy, satisfied and motivated everyday. Living life to just fulfill material goals and blindly just doing things to show people around you , ýour worth'is not the real dharma.

Though it seems like a difficult task to find purpose, we can start by finding meaning in every activity we do everyday. For example: purpose of cooking food is to satisfy hunger of the family, purpose of cleaning is to make the environment worth living in, purpose of working out is for being healthy and making good use of energy of the body, reading or learning something new is to expand the mind's capacity. Similarly each of us can find purpose in the work we do. In fact, every activity that we do in a day should be dedicated for fulfillment of dharma that is our life's purpose.

Dharma is your duty as a daughter/son, sister/brother, spouse, parent,employee,colleague, friend. We have to see whether we are doing the right thing in each case. Whatever we do will impact us and those around us. We do not need to do something very big for the entire planet. All we need to do is fulfill our daily duties with credibility and accountability. This itself is the most difficult task. We might falter, but we have to stay on it and correct ourselves along the way. We will be most satisfied when we work consciously towards things.

Today we are consumed with self thoughts. Things, experiences, relationships as per what you want for yourself. That is the wrong way of looking at things. Your life will feel good and purposeful only when you start living for others. Because of you are just walking and running your individual journey, you will end up alone. Humans basically formed a society to think about each other and be together. There is no happiness without family. There is no completeness without you having your working towards your every relationship.

When you think about others, they will think about you. Like in an organisation, activities are aligned towards the organisation's goals and your dharma is to do all those activities that will help in achieving those goals, likewise fulfilling your parent's wishes, being there for your siblings, supporting your friends, love & dedication towards your spouse &children is all your dharma. If you falter on any of these aspects that spot will be vacant. Of course there are situations where the other person will not be interested in their role with you, in that case letting them go with your best wishes is your dharma.

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