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Why were you born and how to live your purpose?

Not every sperm that is released into the womb becomes a life. But you are born. There is a reason you are born under certain circumstances to your parents. There is a reason for all the people that come and go in your life. Each situation has a purpose to direct you towards your life's path. This is the reason why people do different things and end up having different identities. You draw inspiration from those around you but make something of your own. Painful separations happen in friendships and relationships when you are afraid to let go. But some people have to leave you because unless they do, a new chapter cannot begin in your life. You take wrong decisions as you more often get influenced by your peers rather than trying to find out what you truly are meant to be and all things that happen like failure are stepping stones towards directing you to the path you are supposed to take.

In a money driven society, you are naturally inclined to follow the person who is making more money and try to imitate their success. But you are not able to. Your peers will often make you feel lacking when you fail because they want to feel better about their path. But truth is you cannot feel happy about your journey by discrediting or thinking lowly about someone else's. You cannot find true satisfaction only by looking at the fact that your life is better than others. But surely you will be satisfied if you find out your own unique interests and qualities and pursue them with full dedication. What is your purpose then and how will you pursue it without a doubt or distraction? How will you know it and what will make you sure and motivated to do it?

You need to introspect & think hard about each event that has happened. Each impressionable event that really affected you either positively or negatively. Each situation that made you think. Did anyone's remark made you feel bad? did someone's any quality impress you? what were the major events that changed your life? You must analyse them. Every question you have comes with an answer you already have within you. You spend so much time of your day doing things you do not care about , why not take time out to be sure and crisp clear that what you will do in your entire day is really something you will keep doing even on the last day of your life? Most satisfying experiences in life do not come easy. But you must realize that you mean something, your are born for a reason and why not know the reason and keep working happily towards it rather than situations making you unwillingly or unknowingly do things you are doing?

Living consciously and mindfully makes you experience life differently. Just getting up ad getting by the day is not getting you anywhere. 'Settling down' is the most fearful notion we all believe in because life only settles down on the day you die. Life is happening everyday and you are contributing everyday. Only those who realize they are worthy of making a major contribution end up doing it. Otherwise even when life directs you unknowingly to your purpose, you are able to make only a minor contribution being unaware. Your contribution is to the world and universe. Everything you do every minute matters. Then, does this mean your contribution comes only in form of the work you do? No. Your contribution comes majorly in form of your intention of doing things. Your intention decides your ambition. It is what you learn in management lesson: you need to have a vision. Vision becomes a mission and mission becomes goals and goals finally develop into actions. There is no limit to your vision, but you decide your limit to visualize.

Again the question you will ask is then in that case i decide my fate right? No you do not. Think about it. Why do you fail then? Why do you leave certain things midway? Sometimes it so happens that you are fully prepared yet unable to get or keep the opportunity you take. Are you telling me that you have pursued and got the exact kind of friends you wanted or relationships you wanted? No! Law of attraction and the secret also works when you are manifesting something your heart truly wants. If you are manifesting spending your weekend in the most luxurious hotel but your heart and mind keeps picturizing you spending time in a jungle house; even if you force yourself to look at the ambience and views and pictures what experience do you think you will end up having? precisely. This is the reason why it is futile to think about the life others are living.

There is a way to know your purpose. The earlier you know the better. The late success stories are nothing but of those people who paid attention to their heart and dared to be themselves much later in their life. Also success does not always mean being better than someone. It means finding the kind of life you truly want to live and living it. It means living everyday as if it was the last day of your life. It means not having any regrets everyday. Here are the few pointers you can rely on:

a. Note down each activity you did today and write down what you felt about the activity

b. Write down your goals for this year and write how you feel about those goals positive/negative, what was the reason you made those goals? are the goals made under influence or is it what you really desire?

c. There is always one biggest desire each person has. Write that desire down. That desire will get you closer to your purpose in life. Follow that strong desire you have. Sometimes there are people unknowingly standing in the way of your desire and you must not feel guilty of doing what your heart truly and so longingly wants.

d. Picture your last day and you will die tomorrow. What are your priorities that day? You would definitely tell your family and friends you love them, you will surely want to be happy with zero regret. Maybe you would like to talk to someone you did not speak to for years. Call that person today. Maybe you want to get married or spend time with your kids or pets on the last day, you will know. And today do you have those kids or a pet? If not start working on it. Get that pet, start family planning. If you would to die in arms of your spouse then go and find a spouse. Whatever feels good to you while you picture your last day, you must do that. I am sure there will be some who would love to die on duty like while serving the nation, feeding the dogs, doing charity or in temple of their favorite god. There would be some who would like to die in sleep in a comfortable bed of their large homes while some who would like to die in a war.

e. Our personal and professional life is a myth. It is just one life and with duties. You can choose your duties. Picture your life. The clothes you are wearing in your dream life, the house that you are living in and the kind of equation that you have with everyone around. If there is a conflict in your visualization, you are not moving in the direction of your purpose.Forget what is right or wrong, possible or not, forget your current situation. Only visualize. Write down or keep pictures. But it is important that what you visualize is making your heart feel peaceful and not in conflict. You should not think about the roadblocks while visualizing. Just see what your heart wants you to see. Unless you get this clarity, you are not going anywhere.

Your heart and soul knows everything. It is only a matter of looking within. There is always a reason of why certain events happen only to you. It is a wake up call of walking the wrong path. There is a reason people come and go. They are there to show you what you need to focus on. You only need to pay attention to the lessons life is teaching you all the time. You need to keep getting clarity until you are absolutely sure that you are doing what you are meant to dedicate your life to. A dedicated life is a satisfactory life. I hope you find your purpose. I hope you live fully.

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