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You are living your fate, what is not meant to be will never be yours

The hopeful posts, the motivations, the stories and everything, especially those videos are all crap. No successful person will ever tell you their real secret, what they really are within and also how much of their success is really attributed to their own talent and hard work. They are mostly lucky people born blessed and hence they happen to make right choices at the right time and take right decisions.

Its true that they had the grit to make it but also there was some invisible power, god or fate helping them set the example that they have. No Steve Jobs or Bill Gates will ever share with you that their original dream was not to be a tech guy. Of course not ! Maybe they wanted to be the best football player or musician or guitarist. Everyone only highlights what works for them. When something starts working for us, we forget or bury deep inside us our innermost unfulfilled dreams and desires because destiny takes over everything in our life and makes us reach where we are supposed to and do what we are supposed to do.

No one has ever escaped destiny. Fate is written by the gods and unknown to you. Working hard, competing in the never ending rat race of being like everyone else so that you are liked by everyone else is a myth. No matter how much you try your life will not be the same like someone you are stalking on facebook right now! So stop stalking and start living. Its like you know certain things very early on, the shy kid who wants to stay home is different from the one who likes to always be out, some popular kids in school who want to participate in everything to gain appreciation from the teachers will definitely turn out to be good employees and those less than mediocre, slow learners or trouble makers will sit at the back bench doing their own things always; those kids will turn out to be politicians and businessmen. The mediocre kids who fall in neither group and mostly go unnoticed will definitely live unnoticed like that their entire life struggling to deal with life.

There are very few cases where people shape into opposite of what they were as kids when they grow up, but it depends on their environment, what they feel from inside and thats how their outlook towards life shapes. We don't even get to choose our friends, they are sent to us to learn the lessons we are supposed to learn. Who has ever got the friend they are trying to make ? people base friendship on mutual likings and needs so obviously you are not even choosing your friends, you are supposed to have those friends at that particular point in life. Again, there is life partner choice which again is not really a choice you make. You both happen to be at that stage where you feel like getting married, same goes for affair as well.

The point here is there is no point in feeling guilty about your decisions, there is no need for feeling guilty of setbacks and achieving less than what you expected to achieve at the age you think you are supposed to achieve. Because no matter how hard you try, you will only get those things that are meant for you and those achievements that you are meant to make. All you can do is put your best efforts so that you are not disappointed with yourself for not trying. This does not mean you will remain where you are forever, but it means you don't know where life might take you. So always be humble and nice to everyone you meet along your way, do not judge anyone on basis of their current situation because one never knows when the tables would turn and their situation might get much better than yours.

Wasting time in dreaming is therefore useless. One must set goals and keep working towards them. But after every defeat do ask yourself often and quickly whether you feel you are on the right path, because there is no point extending your stay at wrong place with wrong people. Maybe their time of being in your life is over and you are unnecessarily dragging it. So anyway, no matter what you do, those who are meant to leave will leave when their time in your life is up! No matter how hard you work, you are going to lose that job or fail in that business in which you were only meant to be for a certain time. Take experiences and cherish them. If you find lots of changes happening in your life very quickly, do not panic, this means you are supposed to grow better and grow faster to take on bigger roles that are coming. The time you will spend in repenting and crying over these things will be the time you wasted over things not meant for you and you will delay getting to the place where everything will be what is supposed to be.

As a society we must not judge people on their journey to feel good about ours. We must not belittle anyone. But truth is we do and we will continue doing it till it happens to us and we feel the pain. Even if the person is born very lucky and with all good fortune, they may lose it because of their disregard and disrespect towards others. To live a blessed life not much is needed except being a great soul. Your good soul, your good deeds might even turn your ill luck into a great fortune and your habit of putting others down, discouraging them can delay further those good things that might be coming your way. There has to be abundant love in your heart to attract love, abundant generosity to attract prosperity, abundant peace to live peacefully, abundant respect to get respect, abundant understanding to be understood. If you lack empathy, if you lack love, if you lack generosity to give and appreciate, you will not be loved, appreciated, understood or cared for.

Fate cannot be changed. Your role will be what is meant to be but at what scale is your decision. Like a shoemaker will be a shoemaker, now whether he makes those shoes at his home or manufactures them is his qualities and attitude towards life and everyone. Similarly a dancer will be a dancer, again whether in clubs or movies dpends on their karma. Improve your karma. IT really pays to be nice.

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