New Release by Shashi Tharoor

25 life lessons to know when you turn 25

The age 25 is the most exciting age ! it is the age of transition from your student life to your real life. This is the most crucial decision making age of your life. Be it a guy or a girl, the decisions you take when you turn 25 will determine your destiny. Surely, there will be examples of many successful people who found their true love and passion much later in life. But they have managed to achieve that after fighting against the fate of their wrong decisions. This is the age of smart work. No, I am not advocating better safe than sorry principle. One must make as many errors as they can and must fail as much as they can and as fast as they can because failure is stepping stone to success. These lessons that I am sharing with you is solely for purpose that when you fall, when you make mistake, you read this and you get up knowing the reality. Making mistakes is allowed but make new ones. No need to repeat the obvious. These 25 lessons I am sharing will guide you whenever you fall, help you get up and bounce back higher than before. These lessons will help you move out of a wrong decision faster because breaking the wrong relation, leaving the wrong career and wrong friends at right time matter a lot more than finding the right things. Are you ready for some deep talk? here it goes: 1. When you love yourself truly only then you are capable of loving someone else completely. 2. Insecurities are loud! Pay attention. People put more efforts to hide their insecurities than build their strengths. 3. People will surely judge you before accepting you. We are humans and its natural tendency to evaluate someone we meet for the first time. 4. Never chose a partner or a friend who is not as good as you. They may have different qualities than you but those qualities should complement you. 5. If you want to understand someone; first understand their circumstances 6. When someone does something for you; they do it more for themselves. For their self-gratification. So don't get too impressed. 7. Whatever you accept is a conscious choice you are making. If you are accepting someone's shortcomings does not mean they will accept yours in return. 8. You are not capable of taking anyone else's baggage. Everyone has to deal with theirs. 9. You will lose your importance the moment you confess your true feelings. Express your feelings, don't confess them. 10. When people shoe you who they are for the first time, believe them. 11. Never try too hard for anything. Do what comes to you naturally. 12. Most people are not what they show. 13. Never trust words 14. Never give a single chance to anyone to demean you. No matter what. 15. Thought process matters more than any qualities or talent. People who are complaining about themselves will also have inclination to find faults with you. 16. Whatever makes you different , makes you special. 17. No person is perfect. No relationship is perfect. But those moments are perfect. Maintaining relationship despite the circumstances, not giving up on someone is perfect. 18. Stop working towards acceptance and recognition. Start working towards fulfillment and happiness. 19. You are admired less for your talents and achievements but more for your ability to handle people, situations and interactions. 20. Use your talents to contribute towards betterment of society in some way or the other. Not just to win admiration. 21. You are interesting to them when you are interested in them. 22. Love and chemistry is a feeling not a practical way of approach by weighing pros and cons. 23. A stable mature relationship has two mature partners encouraging each other. 24. Your emotions should not drown someone neither should your opinion. 25. Growth happens only when you push your limits.

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