New Release by Shashi Tharoor

3 most important rules to retain positivism in life forever

The biggest goal everyone must have in life is to be an eternal positive thinker. An eternal positive thinker sees good in every situation and benefits out of it. Also staying happy and positive all the time is surely possible. But it takes tremendous efforts specially in this world which is driven by competition. Competing with others brings in negativity whereas competing with self brings all required development. We often meet lot of people and each person we meet has an impact on us. But one needs to carefully choose who will influence them. Secret to daily positivism and bliss is carefully choosing our thoughts as thoughts become words and words become actions and actions are our karma which decides our fate. One needs to carefully follow the below 3 rules to retain their positive mindset because like motivation positivism is required to be chosen daily. A positive person will be naturally motivated. Do everything with a higher purpose : Higher purpose means your contribution towards betterment. You choose only those actions which will have positive impact on your environment and surroundings. Say no to all those other acts that might not have positive impact. Be it your job or relationships or hobbies always look at how the action you are doing is going to impact you positively and help you in your further development. You need to consciously link your activities of the day to something good for at least 21 days so that you automatically subconsciously are doing the same.The better your thoughts, the better your mindset and outlook towards life and you will have more chances to live a full life. Choose whom you listen to : We are average of 5 people we listen to. This cant be emphasized more. What you are feeding your mind matters a lot. If you are choosing to listen to someone who likes to only talk about their and your shortcomings and faults, you are likely to get used to blaming life and circumstances for everything, Specially it is during your challenging times that you meet the kind of people that are your comfort zone as thinking wrong is easy during those times. If you find it difficult to find those 5 people who will influence you positively, make yourself one person, Bhagvat Gita the second one,good books your third companion, your role model should be the fourth person and the fifth can be your parents because of their intention to see you do extremely well in life. Last but not the least is morning habit and routine building: The purpose of life is a life of purpose. How you start your day matters and matters the most. What is the first thing you do when you wake up? who s the first person you talk to ? what is the first thing you eat? Do you meditate in morning for your focus? do you exercise in morning for staying active throughout the day? These things matter. They build you. Everyone must have a routine that is only theirs for their own reasons. It must be followed religiously. Waking up with the sun and spending sometime in nature is but the most effective way to build a positive mindset in the morning. These are the three very simple but extremely difficult things to follow on a day to day basis as we have number of things happening during the day. But if the mindset is right and heart is happy, we are able to tackle all situations in the best effective way possible. So this is the not just an important thing but the only important thing for a good life. After all we remember only those days where we "created a life" not just "made a living". May god bless you with a positive thought process, constructive actions, loving heart and devoted soul towards higher better purpose.

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