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Detoxify your life

We have detox drinks to get rid of impurities of our body. But along with, body even mind and emotions require detoxification. People whom you surround yourself with matters a lot. As rightly said by Oprah - when people show you who they are for the very first time, believe them. A person's situation may change , but their basic nature and how they are with you does not change. Always look for good vibes and happy people, chances are even you will be that happy positive person. Below are few types of toxic people to spot and avoid for your own good. 1. The Jealous one - While it feels good to know someone is jealous of you as this validates you are better than them, but a jealous friend will suck the life out of you. They will never be happy in your happiness, bring you down even more when you are sad and it will be very evident. The one who tries to bring you down is always below you, so why even bother hanging out with such a person in the first place? 2. The Immature one- Maturity does not come with age. clearly. Immature people have vague concepts about life and a narrow outlook. Its not your responsibility to help them grow. Life is the best teacher. Immature people are a waste of your time because you are more evolved and you need to move on. You have no time to be a parent explaining things and concepts to an immature person. The worst part is their ego. They will never admit their mistakes at the cost of relationship, they will talk about concepts without any knowledge and research and further annoy you with their stupefying belief system. Most immature people have lot of complexes within them that are additional things to deal with. 3. The Frustrated person- If you are in a good mood, you don't want to pick up call of such a person! This person is a mood sucker. Will call you talk to you for hours to gain your sympathy and acknowledgement that they are dealing with some great problem. The conversation itself tires you. You just want to sleep straight for 8 hours after such a phone call. You feel like a customer care executive dealing with an irate customer! Each time they are complaining about their jobs, bosses, family, boyfriends. 4. The Liar- We all lie every now and then. But some people are habitual liars. They don't need any reason for that, they just aligned are that way. The lie would be so evident that you don't even want to take them seriously. You just know this that they are not reliable at all. 5. The User- Any relationship is a two way street. There is give and take from both ends. If you feel you are the only one giving and doing things, you are just convenience and nothing else. The user only is interested in you till you talk their benefit, the moment you talk about your interests or what you want, they immediately cut you off. The person will not change for you. 6. The Deceiver- A man is judged by the friends he keeps. So pay attention to the people a person hangs out with. A person with very few friends or no friends is not someone you can trust. Because such a person is extremely introvert, secretive, jealous and competitive. They actually never reveal themselves even after years of a knowing them. They are extremely diplomatic and soft spoken.They will not think twice before deceiving you. A good heart trustworthy person will always have friends around him. Treat people the way they treat you. Period. Giving people tasted of their own medicine is not a bad thing because then it also changes them and makes them realize where they are going wrong.This is the best way to deal with toxic people. Surround yourself with good vibes and its better to be alone than be with the wrong. Its never too late to make a change. Live log, live healthy , live happy.

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