New Release by Shashi Tharoor

How to train your mind to live in the present

We are so much trained since childhood for work-reward structure and alaso too much into planning that we forget to live and be in the present moment fully. We are not actually enjoying the journey. We are too much worried about the destination. We need to train our minds after setting the plan to stop thinking about it and enjoy the process more. We are since school worried more about teh marks and not about knowledge. Even till date after knowing that marks or results hardly determine our destiny. Excessive worrying causes anxiety, even performance is hampered because we are thinking about the end result and not enjoying the moment. Only failures and setbacks can teach so much which a smooth life cannot. Because failure makes us reflect and introspect. To make any decisions, solve problems we need to be completely in the present and focus on things. Following are the ways in which you can bring back your mind to present again and again till it is trained enough to naturally be in present: Meditate- Meditation allows mind to be free and blank and thus practicing it daily will train mind slowly to live with awareness Mindful breathing - When you find your mind wandering away with thoughts bring it back by dtarting to focus on your breathing. Also deep breathing reduces anxiety Snap fingers: Clap hands or snap fingers when you find your mind wandering away again and again till mind is focused on present. Practice taking one day at a time- Easier said than done! When you do little of the activity you immediately start wandering off with happiness or excitement imagining future results. While it is important to visualize winning , too much of visualisation leaves you with a very little time to get the actual task done. So set aside time for visualising. But when it comes to doing, be fully in the activity. Do physical task- Bringing your mind back to present in mental activity like reading or listening might be difficult but its easy in physical activity like cleaning, exercise and also cooking. So if you still want to focus on studying practice by taking down notes and while listening as well take notes, write down doubts, ask questions. Easier said again! This is a daily task. Routine. And you will surely build razor sharp focus and be able to achieve whatever you set your mind on. It will take atleast 45 days of continously monitoring your mind focus to get where you want on a mental focus level. Remember it all starts from within. Any transformation cna be achieved of you set your mind to it. But setting your mind to it is a task.

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