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How writing a diary can help you get a clarity on decisions

Writing is something everyone must do. It helps to bring out creativity, helps in making decisions and gives clarity to your thought process. I highly advocate that everyone must maintain a diary. It need not be pen and paper. It could be pages, word document or anything you could type as typing has become easier than writing considering the technological progress! There always comes a point in life when you are confused, doubtful about where your life should go and what decision you will take. This is the time which will define the direction your life takes. Most defining changes in life because of the decisions made during the most confusing moments. Hence write. Note down your thought process. Write down your options and pros and cons. Weigh them. Keep reading what you have written. Also it is utmost important that you write down how you feel about the decision in detail. This will always put you in the right direction. At least you will not be stuck up and confused! Your feelings are also your memories. All good and bad feelings are a witness that you have lived your life. Sometimes it is good to look back and read to assess where you stand today and how far you have come. After all you are the center of your life. Everything you do is based on how you feel about a situation and what you do about it. Memories are not just pictures, they are also feelings. When you are writing your daily diary it is a collection of events that happened in your life. Your diary is a witness of your life. You will be able to make sense of things when you look back but, to look back you must have some reference. We meet so many people daily. But we do not have time to analyse their impact on our life and how it changes us. Diary will be a reminder to take good things out of each meeting. Because you will want your future self to love reading what your present self is writing. Thus your diary will keep you positive and hopeful. So start today. Who knows you will come to know your life's purpose through your diary.

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