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Lets take Panga!

Kangana Ranaut's movie panga is about a woman who takes challenge to revive and again win in her career after taking a sabbatical due to marriage and kids. These are the kind of movies worth making ! Specially in India where most men have this mentality still that career is just a hobby for a married woman as she will be invested more in her child and husband! How stereotypical to assume this. A woman in India today is supposed to get educated by 21, get married at 24, have kids by 26-28 and then dedicate her life to her husband and children keeping herself and her career as secondary or non existent. Many women are depressed today not due to bad husband but due to lost dreams and lack of exciting career to pursue or opportunities to explore. If the husband earns well, women are mostly meant to enjoy the money and do as he says. This as well is like a golden cage. But still a cage! Many people are of the sick mentality that a woman's life is over by 35! if she is intelligent , competitive, men still take comfort in the back of the mind with the belief that she won't go far. Panga is a call to all women, just like movie'Sultan' was to all men. To take chances, try again, rebuild herself and pursue her ambitions again with full zeal adn enthusiasm. It is when women start stepping out of their homes even after husband, kids, divorce, failed relationships and revive and flourish their career, will they be able to earn an equal place as that of men in the society. It is high time our Indian society stops judging women on basis of their housekeeping skills and relationships and starts considering their career as life long as that of a man. Deciding to be a homemaker or working person should be a choice presented to both men as well as women. Its time to break the stereotypes. It is time to take panga with the society! When you are going all out for your career in the second inning, it is purely because you have passion for your work. You will value every experience and be able to perform better than before if you make a firm resolution in your mind. A setback is not permanent if you decide to make a solid comeback. So while you are in set back, while you are busy managing home or going through the trauma and societal judgement of a failed relationship, I urge all women to prepare, train for taking the biggest panga in their life. The panga to prove them all wrong, the panga to stand firmly on your feet again. Never failing, never falling is not that much worth celebrating as is falling and getting up and keeping going on. Be consistent. Keep working. Even when you fall, pick up pieces and keep walking ahead. There are many examples of women who made a remarkable mark in their career in their second innings. So give yourself that chance.

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