New Release by Shashi Tharoor

Life , death and destiny

Unbelievable and it is so precious like a treasure The human heart and mind can never measure, It is a quest, a thirst that refuses to quench No matter how much you get how much you drench; The craving and aspiration never stops Even after seeing so much the hunger still tops; Whether you get all you want or are deprived of all you ever wanted You still get up every day and work towards the desires due to which your heart is haunted; There is failure after failure defeat after defeat Yet one lives to see himself achieve that one feat; Old and grey and tired and exhausted soul Still it holds on to dear life even if there is no one to console; We see souls live and we see them go Attachment is one sin we all have committed you know; For every soul that takes birth has to fulfill its purpose and leave When time is to go the soul still clings on and refuses to relive; What is life and what is death when the soul never really dies It lives till eternity only it changes the body and again death is lies; Sometimes I sit back and it really makes me wonder The old souls have done everything yet why don’t they surrender; There could be something so important life has to offer But what is it is unknown and remains a puzzle proper; We take life for granted when young and don’t value things that are important We neglect our health/relationships/happiness/friendships and chase material goals like they are urgent; Then when we are old we look back and want to live one last time Till death comes to us when we become a past time; We refuse to grow old knowing this is a natural process Maybe because we had some young dreams in heart that were left unattended and were oppressed; We live in denial and go through quarter life/midlife crisis Is it a new phenomenon or was it since ages like this; Whether young/not so young/middle aged or old We all are kids at heart and this is the truth untold; People want to live because they want to win They want to fulfill those dreams and desires that were left unseen; Still we understand ourselves and keep judging the other Thinking we are more important and have a chance till age makes us bitter; So each soul is selfish and having their best interest in mind Detachment is a way to live and still we should be kind; One must move forward and first keep their interest to the fore Once you set your life in place then you can give back for sure; There should be no guilt or pain for keeping yourself above all If you sideline yourself you will not be happy after all; So walk towards your desires and walk towards your goals Life your life fully and reach potential that you have manifold; If you fail yourself you will fail everyone anyway So why not do things for yourself and make it happen for you in every way; When family is the only light you see in a dark tunnel Care for it and be there but don’t be there forever not living your potential and going down the success funnel; If you don’t live your life when you had a chance to live fully You will regret the time you grow old and to blame there will be no ally; Those who love you will give you wings to fly away and fulfill your destiny Those who don’t will cut your wings limit you under their scrutiny;’ So think for yourself and not for others unless you really have to Otherwise you will keep thinking and you will have no one to cry to; Ultimately life teaches everyone different lessons as per their destiny The lesson happens again and again till its crystal clear embedded in your mind after a lot of agony; Listen to it that is your purpose and you have no escape from it Run and hide but it will find you till your soul goes for it.

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