New Release by Shashi Tharoor

Life is all a game of destiny

With outbreak of corona virus, I cant help but wonder is life a game of destiny? This was not something we could have calculated or predicted. This pandemic though now is dictating our daily lives in a major way.The more time I get to be by myself, the more I think on this. My belief in magic, miracles, destiny that was in my childhood has got reinforced into my subconscious deeply. I have seen so much panic at home in Mumbai. people are scared for their life. Taking all necessary precautions. Many are now working from home. Still I prefer roaming without mask, rather I take care to make my immune system strong by having lemon water, oranges and a nutritious diet. I do practice social distancing as much as possible. But in my heart I know this epidemic is not going to kill me. Gut feeling and intuition are the most underrated and often shrugged off by most people. People want to rely only on logic and reasoning. But before we discovered science and logic, we all relied heavily on our intuition and gut feeling. Now we know we cannot have control over all events in life. What has to happen will happen. The essence of all events happening in our lives is an outcome of our own karma. We all know death is inevitable and we still take all measures to avoid it. Instead we must focus on living well till we are alive. As long as we live, we must live with humanity and compassion. We must have love, care and kindness in our heart. We must be sensitive towards all living beings and moreover mother earth. We have created lot of disparity amongst us as humans-other species, rich-poor, superior-subordinate, etc. But this virus did not discriminate. It affected all irrespective of their social stature. Moreover, it has only affected humans. It has left many pondering- what if humans are real virus and corona is an antidote? Looking at how selfish and inconsiderate we have become: this really looks like reality. This has made me take a lot of interest in bhagvat gita and buddhism. Both preach good karma. We are walking towards our end days maybe or maybe not. So why not cleanse our karma? why not start being a nicer version of ourselves? Well the beauty of this epidemic is that it has forced us to indirectly take all measures required to protect nature. We are not taking flights, we are not going out, so driving less. those who are detected are declaring it and practicing self isolation thus caring for all others, also we are turning more vegetarians and not harming other living beings. The climate is getting better, pollution has reduced, people are mostly home, hopefully this no touch thing and health scare will also have reduced all crimes like rape, murder, people are spending more time with families due to work from home, people will now get paid for their real work and not buttering the boss as most people are at home so there is lot lesser scope of office politics! This pandemic has turned to be a blessing in disguise in many ways. The only hope but is that it gives we humans a second chance to prove ourselves again. As predicted by many known astrologers, let us hope and pray this virus disappears soon. Hope is the only thing that can keep us going now. Lets pray our scientists are able to come up with vaccines that will effectively fight this epidemic very soon.

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