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Rule your day

Don't overthink is the advice most of us give to one another. Overthinking is viewed as a negative concept. But, what distinguishes humans from animals is the ability to think, evaluate, analyse and conclude. Greatest scientists and achievers were the ones who were constantly thinking about concepts, challenging the common ideologies. Human mind is a monkey mind. It never rests. Our brain always needs some or the other topic to think about. Like a monkey needs something to play or fidget with, our mind needs thoughts. Our thoughts rule our day and our life. Like big minds, let us dedicate our thoughts towards more pressing problems of the society like: education for all, women empowerment , energy recycling, waste management , endangered species, protecting the environment , mental wellness, physical wellness etc. What we focus on grows! So thoughts that we focus on have ripple effect of producing more thoughts in the same direction. If we want to rule our day, first and foremost thing is to learning to direct our thoughts and topics of discussion. Because through our discussion, we influence those around us. Discussions though under rated have most powerful impact. Read, understand, pick up a cause close to your heart, talk about it. Influence discussions in the right direction. Do something about it. Use your ability to overthink become the most productive habit. How to use overthinking at workplace to make your day productive? Please find out-: 1. Write down your major goals for the day- writing down goals makes them more achievable as you are going to tick them off each one by one after accomplishment, This also gives you required enthusiasm to look forward to each day. 2. After doing a particular task think about how you could have done it better- this boosts creativity and also helps you improve your way of working. 3. Before you begin a task think and write down about the various ways of doing it and go forward with the best way. 4. Always think about the easiest and most effective way of doing a task, it makes you more productive and efficient. 5. End of the day write down which activity made you the most excited. This could also be an indication to your purpose or passion. So you can think more about it, find more information about it. 6. Go for research based and analytical jobs. Your thinking mind can prove to be extremely productive in building strategies based on research and analysis. Instead of analyzing the people or situations around you, you will be able to analyze the more important things like problem solving, or getting more information through research and analysis. 7. Write your feelings down. If you are more of a sensitive person who gets affected by other's comments and actions make sure end of the day you write down your experiences in a diary. The feelings once put down on a paper have no longer the ability to control you and your actions. 8. Think about the 5 good things that happened to you in the entire day. Five things can be the things you did, experienced or it can be some small accomplishment. This helps to make you happier and more hopeful to look forward and think about better things. 9. Think about your strengths. How you overcame the difficult situations in life. Your survival instincts and abilities. Think about your core strengths. List them down. Do your own SWOT analysis. 10. Reaffirm yourself that you will do it. Whatever goals you have for the day will be done. Also think a lot before goal setting. Whether the goals set by you are realistic, practical ?whether they are in alignment with organisational goals? if they are smart goals, the process is a smarter one? if your actions will get you desired result? In fact over thinkers are very good at making strategies for business, cost cutting, analyzing data, doing research based studies, setting up vision and mission. Overall they can be very good entrepreneurs. So do not underestimate this ability to overthink , to care. Just tame this care and overthinking towards right goals.

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