New Release by Shashi Tharoor


Some friendships that need to put full stops For putting me at a spot where evilness hops; I start a cheerful day expecting to win But always someone reminds me of my old sin; It is the old wounds that are unhealed and fresh People keep rubbing them till my heart is oppressed; Too sensitive I withdraw inside my shell Either I pretend I am not hurt or I make sure I rebel; I block all my old ties I shun they smear They taunt me and bring back my despair; They say I am a loser and will sink more to the low They say someone will be better than me till the end of life’s show; Each time I bounce back and manage a feat They bring back sad memories and push me to defeat; When I share my happiness and gleefully smile They shrug it off as nothing and open my sadness file; They say they are my friends and well meaning folks Yet they never celebrate my success, my defeat gives them happiness in truck loads; They don’t wish me birthdays/ luck/wellness or reply to my texts Yet want me to endure being ignored/ envied, like doormat till ego inflates to their chests; Once when I declare I have had enough and will endure no more pain They complain behind me to each other that I am the reason for their disdain; They point fingers at me tell me I m so lame And that I mean nothing and it’s such a shame; I shout out I am something and I deserve better I finally part with them with my last letter; Friends are the family that we choose for ourselves- if so where did I falter? Why am I always used and left at the alter; Maybe it was only friendship one side What the truth is who will decide? It was too suffocating to be so much in touch Maybe my expectations were little too much; While I recollect good memories and forget the bad ones They would still sulk at memories and hold on to bad ones; So many relationships spoiled and damaged due to ego games Still people forget the goodness and remember their enemy names; There is so much evil in heart of the ones who hold on to hate No matter even if you go back to mend they will never open their heart’s gate; They will never know what they did wrong and will put you in the blame So bending backwards for them would really be so lame !

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