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Why it is important to sometimes cut off from your peers

We all want to be an inspiration. We want others to admire us for what we have accomplished. There are very few blessed people who can focus on their tasks despite the chaos around them. They don't even need any self help books. But majority of us get distracted very easily. We let people and situations around us control our moods. We compromise on our time and its very late till we realise that we don't have time anymore. Then we compromise for a life that we never wanted. You can be whatever you want to be. Our heart knows our potential hence we dream and aim high but somewhere due to lack of consistency, we lose our track and fail. Repeated failures then make us settle for less than what we are capable of. Life can't be changed in a day, a month or a year but surely it can be changed with applying repeated consistent efforts over years. Now , if you are one of those who get easily distracted and affected by surroundings, you surely need to cut-off from a lot of things for single minded attention and efforts towards your dreams. Ultimately you know in your heart that you will not be happy in settling for anything less than your true potential. People who work sincerely towards their goals are the happiest. If you have never achieved what you set out for, its high time you follow this. It is difficult to change in a day; to suddenly wake up one morning and start operating as per your time table. I am one of those over sensitive people who get hurt easily and once someone hurts me , it affects me and my mood for days and hours. It is only advised then in such a case that I should hold my goals sacred and limit my interactions with people until I achieve my goals. When my ambition is big, my sacrifices need to be bigger. of-course it will make me uncomfortable initially to keep things to myself and be with only myself and focus on only my goals. But it is imperative because now I cannot tolerate being a failure anymore. Do you know that failure is not your first step to success. Your first step towards success ( whatever is definition of success for you) is when you decide not to be a failure anymore. For many it takes a total mental and emotional breakdown to realise they have not been living right. Zero is a good number to start from. Failed big? totally in your professional as well as personal life? Its great! Now this is your second chance to start better with strong foundation of values and hardwork. Who said building a life was easy? This time begin with maturity. You know now that you can identify situations, dichotomy of life, why people say or do certain things, you have more empathy now, you don't do things now with eagerness to gain recognition, you will now do things with eagerness to learn, without worrying about end result. You will do things out of passion , you will value the opportunities that come your way now. It is difficult but imperative to isolate yourself when you are preparing for a complete transformation. Isolating self means, keeping yourself away from those old friends, relatives and peers who have stereotyped you. For them , they have set a limit or a perception about you because they have seen your journey so far. So, distancing or not being in regular touch is needed. You have to learn to be introverted and focus your whole attention only on your growth and transformation. You will know when you are ready to undergo this process of transformation when you see that there is no other way to change your circumstances that now make you very sad. To change your circumstances, you need to change self and to change self you need to change your habits. - Refrain from holding conversation with anyone for more than 10-15 mins
- Keep away from your phone, disable social media and television - Listen to soft pleasant music while at work , it will keep up your mood - Just focus on learning and while learning , don't make targets to finish, move away from concepts only after sufficient understanding - Note daily progress and reward yourself at end of the week when remarkable success is achieved - Cook something everyday, make your bed; it builds character - Do yoga or meditation, it helps to build patience and patience is the key - High concentration tasks should not drain you, so enjoy them - Observe more, speak very less You must believe that neither you nor your surroundings are going to be the same after transformation. It is going to be a painful process because it will be mostly internal. You will have to break many habits and comfort zones. It will be difficult to follow the rule book , but it will all be worth it once you reach where you are meant to be. So keep at it. Progress a little more each day. Use your mind more often. Never give up on your dreams and goals. No matter how difficult it gets, you are doing it because you are supposed to and after you do, you will reach where you wanted. I know you have big dreams. So start your steps towards them. People will take inspiration from your struggle only when you show them your results. Open yourelf to the window of new opportunities and new life. You deserve to live the life of your dreams , so continue walking towards it non stop.

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