New Release by Shashi Tharoor

Why you should never break a woman's heart

Love does not change you. It only highlights your goodness and good qualities and extent to which you can pursue the one you are in love with, your commitment towards them. When you truly are in love, there is a different aura you carry, a lovable one , positive one and you also fall in love with the person you become when you are in love. Similarly, heartbreaks can also be biggest eye openers to your newly discovered personality traits. Heartbreaks make you realize how strong you are, what is it that you crave the most in your relationships. So both love and heartbreak are guiding forces towards making you the person you are. A woman's heart is tender and full of love for people close to her. It is full of kindness and forgiveness. A true loving woman can never carry hatred in her heart for long. She is a nurturer by soul. She believes in making and uplifting the man she is in love with. When in love she is a goddess. Following is a stanza of emotions of a heartbroken woman who was truly in love; it will show what a woman in love really wants from the man in her life: 'One day! you will regret not committing to her. You will miss the charm, devotion, sincerity and chemistry. One day when you will be lonely, the only fond memories crossing your mind and heart will be about her. You will remember how beautiful she was, how she made you happy! how you pushed her off each time she needed you.The way she pleaded for your time and you were never there for her. One day, you will crave for the kind of attention she gave you and want her back in your life. With all your means and resources you will try to find her whereabouts. One day, she will have long forgotten you. She will be happy in her world because; love and commitment that she craved for is with her. She will have built her strongest foundation on these in her life.You will pray everyday for a glimpse of her just the way she did for you. Then one day, she will walk across the road on seeing you, towards you with a smile.She will strike a conversation as if nothing had happened. You will notice how much she has changed and evolved over the time. You will see in her what you didn't see before. But, she will be someone else's family now.Everyday from that day, you will curse yourself for letting go of the right woman because you will know there will never be anyone like her.' This is what the right woman wants- your time, attention, trust, loyalty, commitment and love.

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